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About Room for Hair

Professional Hair Stylists

The Room For Hair Salon was established in 2003 and is conveniently located close to the corner of Armadale road and South West Highway traffic lights. Glance up the hill at the top of Jull street little side road running parallel with South West highway, you’ll see us right there. Jull street has a quaint and shady car parking area with beautiful big trees right outside our intimate Room For Hair Salon.

About Us

We are a close professional team of experienced hair stylists and hair colour specialists who love working together, sharing inspirational new fashion styles, learning about new products as they are released, and getting to know each unique client and their individual hair needs.

Your Hair

Our expert stylist team understands the intimate close and very personal connection that we all share with our own hair. Not surprisingly, our hair is the frame surrounding our face, the outward person that we show to the world.

There is nothing more important to us than your hair and scalp health, and the way you feel about your hair fitting your lifestyle with it’s behavior, cut, style, texture, and of course your personal choice of hair colour.

Our Job

As professional Hair Care Specialists, it’s our job to work with you to create beautiful healthy hair.
We can assist you with choosing the right balance of care for your hair according to your lifestyle, and provide guidance with maintaining healthy hair and scalp using the best quality products without harsh chemicals.

Only the best for you!

Because we work with you to create and maintain beautiful healthy hair, we use and recommend KEUNE hair care products and hair cosmetics.

Ongoing Training

Our friendly professional team, engage in constant ongoing KEUNE training programs. Nobody knows hair like KEUNE.
KEUNE was originally established in 1922 and is a world leader in Hair science.

 Hair Care for Women

We have experienced stylists ranging from  7 to 50 years experience. We also have our wonderful young faces who all create beautiful styles and the most modern looks.

 Hair Care for Men

We cater for Mens easy maintenance, traditional, business and modern styles, as well as beard trims. We also offer complimentary consultations to help create strong lush hair and healthy scalp.

Formal Styles

Our entire team of stylists have many unique talents. Together we work to create all looks, from beautiful classics including french rolls, barrel curls, buns, spanish styles, creative braiding and much more.

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We use & Recommend KEUNE Brands

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We are a friendly team of fully qualified professional stylists, who love working with you to create beautiful healthy hair.

At Room For Hair in Armadale, we use KEUNE permanent and semi-permanent colours.

Room for Hair Care Satin Oil by KEUNE


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