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We recommend these hair care suggestions to help keep your hair extensions in great condition

  • Use products free from sulphates, proteins and parabens.
  • Use leave in conditioner to keep your hair extensions soft and moisturised. Be cautious not to overuse as a buildup can cause the hair to feel heavy.
  • Maintenance is required every 4-10 weeks.
  • Brush both your hair and extensions daily from root to tip.
  • Do not brush wet hair unless using wide tooth comb, detangler or superbrush.
  • Wear a loose plait or low pony tail for sleeping to avoid unwanted tangles.
  • Make sure to dry hair off at root area after washing.
  • Do not sleep with wet hair.
  • When swimming with hair extensions, wear hair up in a bun or pony tail to avoid contact with chlorine.
  • If contact with chlorine occurs, give hair a thorough wash straight away to cleanse out the chlorine.
  • When heat styling, we recommend hot tools to be set at no higher than 180 degrees and to apply a heat protectant prior.