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The importance of cutting freshly shampooed hair

What makes a good hair cut? At Room for Hair, we want to give you a beautiful even haircut, and the best cuts are created with clean freshly shampooed hair.

Freshly shampooed hair is smooth to comb and less knotty, therefore giving you a precise and good hair cut as well as a comfortable experience.

Having your hair sprayed down with a water spray is not really ideal as it can get a bit drippy to get the hair thoroughly wet through.

For a good hair cut It is important to bring the hair to an even cutting tension by freshly shampooing the hair, which cannot be achieved well by a water spray.

Cutting unclean hair can also be unpleasant for our stylists to work their magic on, not to mention unhygienic as well.

We hope you will let us clean your hair with our quality in salon shampoos that will be selected especially to suit your hair and scalp, and a head massage is always included.

The importance of having your hair finished with a blow-dry

After we have created your style, its really crucial to have your hair styled and blow dried so we can check our cut and make sure its sitting just so.

Following the blow-dry we will often personalise the cut by adding texture and just do a few final checks that are impossible to do if you leave with your hair wet as it will most always sit differently after drying.

If you don’t like ‘big hair’, we understand and will give you a natural finish, but hope you will let us give you the best cut by shampooing before and blow drying after your haircut.

Caring for your new colour and style at home

Want to know that when you style your hair at home that you know how we achieved your look and which products we used to achieve the desired finish that are suitable for your hair type and your lifestyle.

With such a vast selection of hair-care products all of which have a complete range of products available these days, it may be difficult to choose which hair-care is best for you.

In our experience, and based on the science of hair structure, the home hair-care products used between colour services play a very big part in maintaining the vibrancy, tones and hair cuticle health.

The hair cuticle has an overlapping scaled surface running down the hair shaft that if looked after with a shampoo with a PH of 6, will gently cleanse the hair without stripping colour as some detergent based shampoos may do.

Our conditioner with PH of 5 will close the hair cuticle, locking in the colour pigments which sit inside the hair shaft under the cuticle layers without falsely making it feel super shiny and soft or weighing it down to feel heavy and limp.

We know that all Keune home hair-care products are formulated to ensure the best longevity of your colour with the acidity/alkalinity made to exactly the correct PH.

It seems a shame to have a beautiful in salon colour with lovely pigmentation, and then use a shampoo that could potentially strip the pigments, dry the hair with high alkaline PH and even coat the surface of your hair with a non water soluble silicone that could prevent pigments being deposited deep under the cuticle.

Preparing your Hair for an on scalp colour

Your hair should not be shampooed on the morning of your colour service to allow some natural oils to come through and provide just that little bit extra protection, especially on sensitive scalps.